Sunday, December 28, 2014


This class is back
Thursday afternoon in Room 733.
Learn the PAD SYSTEM.
Classes start January 26th

New Bridal Class

Spring 2015 Now Offers the New Bridal and Special Occasion Wear Class, Come and Join the Fun!

Hello Fashion Students,
Fullerton College is proud to present the new Bridal and Special Occasion Wear class next semester, Spring 2015.
  Expand your techniques as a custom designer or dressmaker.  
Have fun learning to create and work with special occasion fabrics, retro fashions, evening gowns, and bridal gowns.
 The class will be held every Tuesday from 9am-1:15pm with demo and lab included.
Please note this class is for advanced students, and a prerequisite of Clothing 201 is required.
 So join the fun and let's create! See you all in Spring 2015!
Created by Fullerton College Fashion Student Diane Yanuaria

Thursday, December 4, 2014

New York Fashion Tour

The Fullerton College Fashion Department are going to New York City!

Join us in our NEW YORK FASHION TOUR.  June 8-13, 2015(5 nights) *12 students



Round trip airfare

Round trip transfers in NYC

Pre-registration in a NYC hotel with quad rooms for the

Complimentary breakfast

12 industry appointments over 3 days( 4 a day)

Broadway show with student discount tickets

Met Museum-entrance fee

All taxes and gratuities

The cost per student worked out to be *ABOUT $1995 per student in quad rooms( 2 beds with 4 students)

The deposit schedule would be:

1st deposit/ January 15- $800

2nd deposit/March 1-$ $800

3rd deposit/May 1-$395

Ask Professor Young for the form to send in with your payment.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

LACMA Kimono Exhibit

 FASH 244 Ethnic Fashion went on a field trip to visit LACMA's Kimono for a Modern Era. On display were Kimonos from 1900-1950.  The kimono is the traditional garment for Japanese, but the vivid prints show the influence of modern culture.  The kimono below resembles radio waves and shows the modern influence of technology in the horizontal pattern.
The print on the kimono below is inspired by Sputnik!
The kimono below has a print inspired by jazz music.
Check out the ships and penguins on this kimono shirt:
You can really see the influence of abstract expressionism in the textiles.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sign up for ETHNIC FASHION FASH 244 - This Fall 2014

Taught by Instructor Vago
Fridays 9:00-11:00am

Learn about fashions around the globe! 
High fashion designs are often inspired by different cultures.  Learn about each culture's fashions and meaning behind their dress.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fall Orientation for Fashion Dept. August 21st

Fall Fashion Department Orientation on Thursday, August 21st 2014.
All Fashion Students enrolled this coming year are required to come!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Fullerton Fashion Show 2014 Winners

Fashion Department hosted the Annual Fullerton College Fashion Show themed "Fashion Royale on The Avenue" on May 7th at the Wilshire Auditorium.

Rhian Tsuji won for Best Unique Voice-originality, Show Stopper Garment (Rhian Tsuji below on right with Professor Young on left)

 Lydia Massman won for best Fresh Content-Innovative and Creative.

Jenny Porrett won for Best Appeal of Design-strength of Concept and Inspiration (below: Jenny Porrett her design far left designer third from left, with Professor Young on right)
Gus Aguilar won for Best Commercial Viability-Marketable and Wearability.
Lauren Gonzales won for Best Recycled Garment made from coffee dyed sheet music (garment shown below).
Leslie Parades won for Best Recycled Hat Accessory made from newspaper.
Joanne Powers won for Best Construction on her skirt and top (Joanne Powers below on left with Professor Young on right).

The Betty McKown Memorial Home Economics Scholarships were awarded to two fashion majors.  One for Fashion Design was to Marina Belleszo and the Fashion Merchandising was to Vanessa Rodriquez.
 Marina Belleszo featured below on right with Professor Young on left.
Vanessa Rodriquez below on right with Professor Young on left.

We had many judges from the fashion industry in attendance Nikolas Ambrose from Hybrid Apparel, Joshua Riessen from Billabong USA, Henry Cherner from AIMS 360 and Mary Lombard from Obey Clothing.